About Us
As Anka West, we started to offer exceptional value to our customers and suppliers. Our customers rely on us to find the right source at the right price, while our suppliers rely on us to market and trade their products competitively. Global Export's documentation and logistics capabilities put us one step ahead of the other companies we compete with, enabling us to provide superior service from start to finish. At Anka West, we know what is important to our customers and suppliers in our markets..

Your question; Whether it's quality, pricing, logistics or compliance, our reliable and experienced team will provide you with the most accurate and fastest timely information. The main factor that protects our target and guides this organization is the principles of Global Export. The connection with our suppliers and customers is paramount to us. In our goals, we work with customers and suppliers who share these guiding principles and our work ethic. We do this because; At the end of the day, we provide trust and a long-term relationship.